Saturday, August 30, 2008

4 Months Old

Dominic turned 4-months old on August 26th

Height: 26 inches
Weight: 16 lbs. 3 oz.
Head: 16 1/2 inches
Tempermant: Lots of Fun!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Bumbo Mumbo

My new big boy chair! Momma thinks this is just the best invention ever.
It's like Crocks! but in a seat (the material).

Rocks Rock

John has been doing quite a bit of rock climbing at the Rogue Rock Gym. He was quite inspired after we got back from Yosemite to get back into it. Dominic and I watch his skills on the wall after we go for a run on the Evergreen Trail (a paved trail from Ashland to Grants Pass).

John usually meets with his friend Chad...
...who is the head chef at Elements - Tapas Bar & Lounge
(I did their website, logo, business cards, etc.)

whew! sometimes climbing can be tiring! ;)

Friday, August 8, 2008

William Joeseph - Pianist Icon

I normally don't watch daytime TV, but sometimes I take a break from nursing Dominic at the computer (while working)... to see what kind of boring talk show or court TV drama I can entertain myself with for 30-minutes.

Yesterday I watched the end half of a Dr. Phil show and caught this amazing musical artist, William Joseph. Can you say WOW!??!! It's almost like listening to an amazing soundtrack score... Watch how he plays, it's just sooo intense. I am jealous!

The song he's playing on the show is called, "Ausperius"

...I wonder how many calories he burns by playing one song? haha.


Carol of the Bells

....and of course, he plays UPSIDE DOWN! (the "Upside Down Song")

Elvis Lives in Joseph Hall

For anyone who isn't keeping up on America's Got Talent, I must update you on one of my latest favorites - Elvis Presley in the body of Joseph Hall. This kid is 23 yrs old, never had voice lessons and totally has that 50's Elvis look down. Not like the cheesy Las Vegas acts. I personally would pay to see him in concert!

We haven't watched the show much, but we start too later in the game when it's more interesting and there are not as many kooks to sit through.

Here (below) in his first performance he nailed it!

This next performance is a little off. I think he got a lot of flack for NOT sounding like Elvis here. If you got to hear the commentary afterward, Joseph Hall admitted it was difficult not having the screaming crowd to pump up his performance. I think also as a viewer, it was weird not having a screaming crowd to accompany the Elvis performance as we all have that image of Elvis and his screaming lady-fans. haha. I still think he's one of the #1 performers, even with his bad night and I hope his confidence stays up for his next performance.

I'm a totally oldies music buff so I hope this kid makes it through. If anything, he could get kicked off tomorrow and still make something for himself. What do you guys think?

Dan Dunn - Interviewed

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Buns

Poor Poor Pinata

Kung Foo John!

...only John would artfully destruct a pinata by removing all his limbs before busting its gut...

(I hate being the camera person. Hearing yourself being the loudest laugher is not quite that nice.)

Another Year, A Week to Celebrate!

Monday was John's birthday (Happy 37 honey!!). We have been celebrating for over a week now.

I threw a surprise party that wasn't a surprise at all, on July 27th because my family would be out of town for his real day. You can get a great overview of that party from my mom's post "Happy Birthday You Old Poop!". If you haven't seen it, you should. She has all the photos from that day because our new camera was still on it's way. Aside from the radically disgusting poop themed cake....I especially loved the shot of John clobbering Daniel with a cooler full of water (remains from the water balloon fight).... and don't forget all the unicyclists. What a family circus!

Anyway... I threw another party this past Sunday (3rd) for John's family. His Mom (Linda), brother (Ken), our sister-in-law (Jen) and our niece (Taylor) came over for a pasta lunch, cake and fun of course!
After lunch we played with a cool water toy that Taylor had gotten for her birthday and had been dying to use.

Then we busted a pinata (from Ken, Jen & Tay-Tay). John's FIRST pinata ever in his 37 years! His dad's side is Mexican so I find that pretty funny.After all the outside fun we finished it off with a little Trackmania (looks like such a serious game!)...

...and more laughs and giggles with Grammy.It's sooo tiring playing all day... whew! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Monday, John's REAL birthday... FINALLY! John and I got to go out to dinner and a movie thanks to my mom (gramsy) for watching Dominic. We got to so see The Dark Knight and went out to Si Casa Flores. It was a nice relaxing afternoon/evening.

The week of celebration came to a close. :) But what a fun one it was!

Simon Says,"Do what Grammy Does!"

Crack a Smile!
Be Serious!
Say Aaahhhh!
Make a Funny Face!

....You're funny grammy! I love you!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Not So Lucky Month of July

We are celebrating July being over with. It started out great... a family reunion camping trip and all that... but the weekend following the campout the poo hit the fan at our house. Ha-Ha!

Things broke and had to be replaced:

1.) All four tires on my subaru. The day after I got back from the campout I was heading out to replenish the refrigerator and what do you know, I had a flat tire. WAY FLAT. There is still a mark from the wheel rubbing through the rubber out the garage and down the driveway. Fortunately I noticed a few blocks down the road from the house. I guess it was so bad it was irrepairable which means you have to replace ALL the tires. yuck! Not to mention or rub this in but we had just sold our other little impreza wagon and threw in the extra tires we had laying around. duh. I guess we learned that if we ever have an extra set of tires to just keep them around. lol.

2.) The living room ceiling light/fan. The light went "pop!" and would not work anymore. I know this seems like a small deal, but that fan costs $160 new. Luckily we gave our old one to my parents and my dad was able to salvage it. The dimmer feature broke which we use a lot so would have replaced it anyway. Other than that the "broken" one works just fine. So maybe it was more of a vain replacement.

3.) Camera. Hence the new wide angle pics of Dominic that I just posted. We just got another Kodak EasyShare (but the new Z1012 IS). I'm really liking the upgraded features, but would have liked to not have had to replace the camera in the first place. ohwell...

4.) Monitor. Newly added. John reminded me that one of my monitors of my dual monitor setup died too (yes, for those of you who don't know... you can have the use of multiple monitors at once on one computer - it's quite efficient!). This really put a cramp in my day. It was a Dell flat panel.... funny thing though is that John's old Samsung, our very first flat panel back when they were uber-expensive (I think he paid like $350 for it) is still alive. Luckily we have no shortage of computers or monitors at our house. John doesn't use his desktop PC often so... I just stole his Dell widescreen. Now I've got this nice new (bright - nice contrast) wide monitor dualed with a frumpy-dump (dull and dim) square Samsung. But whatever works. Better than just one single monitor. I won't be replacing any monitors anytime soon.... I'm not quite THAT vain. haha.

I feel like there is more... haha...well there is, it's just doctor stuff though and that's just how life goes. So I just felt like venting about our money sucking month of July.

We are really looking forward to September 2nd! One month from today we will both officially be owners of iPhones! Yes, we are joining the ever-growing army of iPhone addicts! WE CAN'T WAIT! (we get a $200/discount each phone if we wait until Sept.).

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hang'n Out

A good solution when you can't have mommy....
...have daddy hang you over the couch!

Montage of Droool

Dominic is so sweet at 3-months old.
He started drooling a few weeks back and boy is he talented! I mean, just look at that innocent face (above)! "Who Me?"

Then here (below) ... he knows it!
oh! there it goes...
...and bam! Down the chin and to the floor...
"But I'm sooo cute! Look at my soaked shirt!"

Droolmaster 2000!