Thursday, December 2, 2010

13wks - Ultrasound

I wanted this to be a little more exciting but I also didn't want to take 2wks to post about it. I have a really adorable DVD of the entire ultrasound too, but I have to take the time to edit and load it online, which I don't have time for right now. So you're left here with some blobs and a profile shot of our little peanut. :)

I am currently 13-weeks along. The baby is about 3" long. Our due date keeps kinda creeping closer to May instead of June, but not enough to change it officially. At both ultrasounds they have measured it sooner than later. Babies will come when they come though. 

The top 2-shots are 3D. If you click on the image it'll be a lot larger to see the details. The top one is sort of a "left side" view with it's hand balled up by it's face. The second is an almost direct shot straight on. Head, fists balled up around the nose, mouth and eyes, forearms and elbows - then tummy. The last one should be an obvious profile shot with a vague balled up fist by the face. :) SO CUTE.

The DVD is great because it's doing a lot of wiggling and kicking. Dominic was always very still-sleepy with lots of hiccups every time we caught him on the camera. 

We got a lot of compliments from the sonographer that it was very easy to photograph our baby. Very photogenic she kept saying. lol She's a cute lady. I hope we get her for our gender appt in January.

So that's it for now, I'll try to get that DVD up by next week. It's really worth seeing!