Thursday, December 4, 2008

EveryTrail for my iPhone

I have been trying to get back into my running and it's been pretty sporadic. Every time I start I get really determined to keep doing it and something like uhh... Thanksgiving week comes along and blows my plans apart or I'm trying to do too much like work 40-hours a week while taking care of Dominic and of course dealing with the rest of life.

Sometimes it's nice to have new things to make working out more motivating too. You know, like when you get a new pair of shoes or shorts or headphones. Heck even a new pair of running socks will motivate me! So today I loaded EveryTrail onto my iPhone (oh yeah, I never posted that we got iPhones/3G on Sept. 2nd! rad huh?). You can watch your data as you run, take photos of things along the way then save and share online by uploading it to the website where you can network with other trail-minded people. EveryTrail is FREE and for ANY kind of movement tracking. So far I like it!

(edit: 2008-12-05. Sorry guys. I thought about this a bit and felt it was unsafe to post a trail leading to my house. I shouldn't go out of my way to make myself a possible victim eh? so here's a limited screenshot of the map. EveryTrail is pretty neato. you can take photos along your trail/trip/run/walk/whatever and it posts photo-markers on the map with a slideshow to the side.)