Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Easter

It seems that we have not done a huge family Easter in years. When we were kids, the Jentzsch's and Rollins used to come down to Oregon (from Washington) and we always had the best time. I have missed that. I am glad that having babies around can bring back these fun times long overdue!

What we used to do: Like any event with the Ford's, Jentzsch's and Rollin's we have a knack for being crazy and having too much fun. We would decorate and dye a gzillion eggs and our parents added a ton of plastic-candy-money-filled eggs to the mix too. There was always a small hunt for the younger kids and then a more intense, harder hunt for the big kids. I mean seriously, our parents were cruel - hiding eggs in snake holes and way up in trees and in berry bushes.

After the egg hunts, we got to search for our baskets... all cleverly hidden by our parents in the woods. My parents have 9-acres so we always used one section of the property that was made into a motorcyle trail. It had a lot of dense brush and was hard to find even the brightest sunniest of baskets. Each kid's parents could help us with "hot/cold" hints. Easter had nothing to do with the candy. It was everything to do with the "hunts". I can't wait for Dominic and Alex .... and I'm sure more siblings and cousins of the next generation to add to the mix.

Dominic & Daddy