Friday, October 31, 2008

My Grammy & Me

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Gramsi & Me

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Dominic 6-Months Old

6 Month Stats

Height: 26 1/2in.
Weight: 16lbs. 13oz.
Head: 17in.
*50th % for all stats

Eating solids:
Dominic is so far, his fathers child for sure. John is a very "meat and potatos" kind of guy. When I first introduced solids we tried rice cereal, Dominic was 4mos. old then. He didn't really care about it, so I waited a couple more weeks. Rice cereal is real boring.... so I started baking sweet potato's and yams. I would mush them up all smooth with some BMilk and he was loving it. I've given him some banana here and there too. Otherwise we weren't very adventerous in this first month of eating (around the 5month mark). So at six months the doctor says to feed him twice a day... which I already started noticing a week before the appointment that maybe he was ready for this as he would be quite interested in me eating lunch.

So after his appointment I start making green beans and squash for something new. Probably a bad idea in the first place because he was a little affected by his shots more so than the other times. Anyway... I should video him eating green beans... IMPOSSIBLE. He gags and pukes and then clamps his mouth shut.

So we were back to the same old stuff which was giving him "play dough poo" as I referred to it. Gramsi made us some homemade canned peaches and pears so I wizzed those in the magic bullet and he was in love with those. Of course, they're sweet! I don't consider fuit alone a meal... so after trying and failing at Butternut Squash, I thought I would mix some pear in with the squash and what do you know, it worked. finally, something new.

Dominic is always laughing or smiling at something. He's pretty happy 99% of the time. He is a really funny kid - very observant to EVERYTHING. I dont' think I've ever seen a kid pay attention to things like he does. Gramsi say's he is scary sometimes because he will just stare and stare studying your face and locking eye-contact. He's done this since he was a peanut.

He's rolling everywhere, also getting up on his hands and knees and rocking forward. We feel like he will start crawing tomorrow! Which will be another fun adventure (yes yes and trouble too!).

Dominic and I go jogging daily (try to). Adventures to the grocery store in the jogger are really fun. When John comes home from work, Dom get's to go hang out on the closet floor while Daddy gets changed.

We have him on a nightly routine for dinner, bath and bedtime which is working out really nice. He usually sleeps from 8pm - 4am. I am usually up late working so I feed him and put him back to bed, then go to bed myself by that time.

Gramsi watches Dominic two times per week. Tuesdays and Fridays. I drop him off at 9am and pick him up around 5 or 6pm. He has a lot of fun hanging out with Gramsi, Uncle Bean and Auntie Robyn and cousin Alex usually come by. Gramsi takes him on long walks and bounces him to sleep on her yoga ball and gets to help cook.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

5 Months Old!

Our sweet little munchkin is now 5-months old! (i know i know... a little overdo in announcing). He does so much now! Rolling over (of course!), eating real food, taking a bottle like a champ (when the time calls) and maybe crawling coming up soon? Lots to look forward to!

I'm pretty impressed with myself here... I like to do my own stuff so researched what photographers use for backdrops and went out and got some black velvet. Now we have our very own home studio! We are going to get some great halloween shots of the boys. I wish I'd had this black backdrop when Dom was just new. I think this one turned out so good. I will upload the rest to Picasa soon.

Apologies for my lack of blogging lately. I am determined to return to it consistently soon.
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