Friday, October 15, 2010

Dead Battery = Running to Day Care, Literally

I realized after my other post that I actually did have a quick funny story that just happened this morning. 
My latest goal for working out has only been maintaining some sort of physical activity. Sadly, for reasons here and there I'm not signed up for any big races nor have ANY except for the Portland Marathon NEXT October (2011) in mind. We plan to do the Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving again though. It's a minor fun run. I'm going to do the 5k with Dominic. John will do the 8miler. Anyway.... just a little side story on my activities agenda. This week I have been lazy, but this morning was forced to be active...I posted this along with my morning run...
So I have had a little run/activity fail this week and this morning decided I did not feel like running at all and convinced myself I didn't have time any way (in order to get Dom to daycare on time). So we get loaded in to the van, ready, set - nothing. ah, yes, when you leave the key in the ignition with it half-turned over night, yes, the van will be completely dead the next day. :( So dominic thinks I've lost the key's because that's the only way a van won't go right? He's helping me with ideas saying they keys must be inside the house, "Go in the house mom. The key's are inside." very confident and knowingly for a 2yr old. lol. To make matters sillier - I guess, or at least I couldn't figure it out, a Toyota Sienna back hatch will not open unless you have power(?) - I thought that maybe it was locked but apparently the lock/unlock switch will also not work with no power - these seem like scary safety issues, but maybe I just don't know how the van works. 
Anyway, the jogger was in the back of the van, so I had to get back there and haul it through one of the side doors. Dominic in the meantime had discovered that I certainly had keys (when I grabbed them assuming the back hatch had at least a key hole to open it with - nope) and kept telling me that they were "right there mom, there's the keys. Make the van go". HAH. I guess you might've had to have just be there. He puts really great tones and emphasis in to everything he says.
So therefore that is how we ended up jogging to day care this morning. I'm glad I did. It felt good, I've been a lop all week. I snuggled him in to a blanket, he had fun. It was probably in the high 40's. Cold, but not too cold like Wednesday morning when it was in the low 40's. Now since John is at work until 5 (when I pick Dominic up), I must jog back to get him. Ohwell, it'll help me catch up on my miles this week.
My weekly goal is 10 miles. If I go at least 2 miles every day of the week it makes this goal easy. Day care is only 3 days a week but I can double some days and we usually do a family run on Monday's. Since you wanted to know all those great details with no entertaining pictures. :)


Megan and Greg said...

Isn't that the way it is? You don't feel like doing something, but when you finally do you're so glad you did and think, "I wish I would've just done this earlier!" That's my relationship with reading and working out. I like your card, it's very girly.

Rochelle said...

That is a very funny story! I was thinking I could put Lucy (the 73 lb dog) into the bike cart and go for a ride on my bike. I like bike riding but feel bad leaving her when she LOVES to put her leash on and go walking.Lately we've been running through the forest together. Daniel blade whacked a good trail.

heidi and Doug said...

hahahahaha so your telling this story and all i can think is that you own a "SWAGGER WAGON" LOL your awesome and dom is adorable !

fiona said...

Ha, nothing like being FORCED to exercise! It does sound like good weather for it. Yeah, Dom probably wondered what in the world you were doing, since the keys were there in your hands, heehee :)