Thursday, January 27, 2011

Speed Demon Dominic

Dominic is a fairly cautious kid. He's not crazy at the park like trying to leap or walk across things that are too tall for his age. He is generally Mr. Careful when climbing at home and performing tasks that could cause injury, but the kid just loves speed!

Now I shouldn't REALLY be the one posting this because I wasn't even there, but I'm grabbing the opportunity to use the video and somewhat re-tell the story.

My Mom takes Dominic every Tuesday so that I can work. I usually drive him out to her house and then pick him up in the evening (there or at the library in RR). It's an all day event. Alex gets to come visit too because Robyn (his moma) works in RR for a couple hours twice a week. Lately, Robyn and Mom have been taking the boys on adventures after Robyn is done working (usually by 10/11am). This week they went to the Bear Creek "Castle" Park. One of the few parks left around here with cool wooden castle-like structures. Apparently they also have a TON of great wide paved walkways that make great bike paths for the boys. They rode their bikes forever on them.

Dominic LOVES to ride VERY FAST down hills. He gets VERY into steering, like weaving back and forth. He's so funny to watch. He acts SO in control leaning his body left to right just perfectly to get a slow turn without spilling. These bikes are NOT the best down-hill bikes - next time I should send him with his "low-rider" (Big Wheel) and definitely a helmet!

My mom said everyone in that area was staring at him careening down this hill with fear in their eyes like oh boy, he's going to eat it big time! ... and he did. Ha-Ha. But he didn't ball his eyes out or anything. The way my mom described it was that he crashed, poked his head up and his hate was pulled way down over his face (whew, no face injuries or missing teeth or teeth-through-the-lip) and dirt up his chin.

His response, "Let's do it again!"


jbermea said...

Thats my boy!!!!

Rochelle said...

He does try to do letting go of the handle bars.....he biffed it doing that....luckily on a shorter hill. He likes to try out different moves.

Molly said...

I know! He likes to be really crazy on his bike. makes me nervous!! I'm worried he'll want a motorcycle or quad when he's a bit older. umm no!

fiona said...

Woohoo, that's the spirit, Dominic! Ha, I love the first pic -- he looks like such a tough guy! The last one's awesome, too, just popping up on the road, ready for more... So funny how the video ends abruptly with Rochelle running down after him. Go, Speed Racer, Go!

Sutherlands said...

He is so funny! He wouldn't even go up in the castle play structure until he studied it for a long while...but you give the kid a bike and a hill and he is OFF! haha I love how he nudges Alex off the path and then litally TAKES OFF! What a funny boy you have! I love him!